November 10, 2019

As a lifelong dancer and dance teacher as well as a Thai Massage healer, I found through my experience that Meditation is a powerful tool not only for dancing or working as a therapist but generally as a human being.

The benefits I had from Meditation practice are countless but just to name a few:

* Keeps my mind fresh and alert and most important stress free!

* Increases my attention spam

* Increases my immunity and helps me fighting illnesses when they appear

* Improves my night sleep and helps me relax before bed time

* Improves functioning of my brain as it works like a reset

* Brings me into "Here and Now" therefore feels like adds more hours in my day

  witch also makes me appreciate life more and helps me feel more connected

* Overall makes me...

November 8, 2018

One of the first steps that is learned when one first started ballet was certainly the Plie.

Plie is the exercise which even at the professional level is never omitted from the course.


What is a Plie?

Plié is a French term meaning to bend, or bending.
There are two principal pliés: A grand plié is a full knee bend (the knees should be bent until the thighs are horizontal) in which the heels always rise off the ground—except when a dancer is in second position—and are lowered again as the knee straightens. 

In demi-plié, the heels remain on the floor, making the bend in the knees about half as deep as a grand plié.

Essentially the plie is simply a bend of the knees. Sounds easy enough, right?
While bending and straightening the knees doesn’t...

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A dancing healer thinks...

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