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Movement & Dance

In Movement and Dance is where I find the Key for deep healing!
Where my heart feels free to express worries, fears, anxieties or sadness and I find instead Release, Hope, Courage, Serenity, TRUST
Observing my body, through dance and movement, is revealing on  how to recuperate, heal and rejuvenate!

And this is where I find my Truth, my Joy, and Gratitude for being alive! The Strength to acknowledge my weaknesses and the Power to overcome them and find BALANCETo be healthy and help other to heal too!
I INVITE you to Move and Dance with me and to join me into this wonderful journey of self care and healing.

As I live abroad and travelling very often, I offer at present mainly ONLINE, pre-recorded or Live, monthly courses and  workshops via Zoom or Messenger.

I am also available for One To One tuition ONLINE or in Person, if it happens you are close to where I am (currently in Liverpool, UK ).

Contact me for more information!

I can't wait to Move and Dance with you!

The Art of Breathe 
Observe, Connect, Recuperate

The Art of Breathe is a class inspired by the ancient practice of Pranayama, the Art of observing and altering your breath.

Breath is a basic yet powerful tool—regardless of where you are or how you're feeling, your breath is always with you.
That makes it an ideal anchor for your mind whenever you feel carried away, lost in deep emotion, or scattered with worry.

In this, very relaxing class, we will explore and observe our own breath, and learn how to control the timing, duration and frequency of the breathing cycles.

The goal  is to connect the body and mind, release all tensions, supply the whole body with more oxygen while removing toxins and help our body to deeply relax and recuperate. 
This is meant to provide excellent healing benefits for the body, the mind and soul.


Manikiatis Waterfall - Evia.jpg

Release the Suspense

A meditative movement flow to help you release all tensions, relax your body and mind, restore and recuperate your lost energy, find your inner balance and improve your  ability to self healing.


Elina will gently guide you through a self healing movement journey, inspired by her 40+ years in studying, practicing and teaching Ballet, contemporary dance and other movement disciplines (such as Yoga, TaiChi, Odissi classical Indian dance, Belly dancing, and Pranayamas, to name but a few)

 to help you ground, improve your physical and mental balance, release anxieties and stress and leave you with a deep sense of serenity and calmness.


The NEW ONLINE Course is starting soon, so let's keep in touch!


Ballet Inspiration
Barre, Balance & Grace

Join Elina Kikili in this all time classic Ballet barre practice to perfect your alignment and posture, and activate your turn out to the max!

This Pre-recorded course is divided in 3 parts:

Baller Barre Warm Up, Activate and Strengthen your En Dehors and Reverence and each one is carefully designed to lubricate and soften all joints and spine, increase blood flow, “open” your hips and strengthen your Turn Out, perfect postural alignment, activate your balance and softly stretch your muscles and tendons to ease and restore tensions or old injuries and get mentally ready for a wonderful dancing practice ahead! 

The dancers will be invited to do the practice mindfully, maintaining their perfect alignment and with a constant sense of lengthening their limbs and spine, using the power of opposition.

In ballet, we show appreciation and respect with a beautiful bow or curtsy at the end (and sometimes also at the beginning) of our class and performance.

The 3rd part of this course is dedicated and designed to acknowledge the lineage of dance artistry, our teachers, the musicians, each other, and the dancing space by learning and performing a simple combination of elegant and gentle Ballet steps and transform it into a graceful Ballet Reverence. 

After these practices, dancers will feel euphoric, supple and in perfect alignment, with body and mind ready to do anything!

PRIVATE Office hours will be provided, after completion of one or more courses, to give you the opportunity to work and practice on your personal needs!

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