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You are invited … to … Greece!

  Imagine swimming in crystal clear waters, dining on delectable Mediterranean food (think melt-in-your-mouth feta cheese, olives & olive oil, pastries, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers, crusty bread), laughing and singing and dancing with locals at tavernas, and overall just being charmed by the people, sights and sounds of Greece.

So much ancient history to learn about and so much beauty to behold!


Is Greece on your bucket list, like most of us?

Have you imagined yourself walking down the cobblestone streets near Acropolis, bobbing in the super salty turquoise sea, eating the freshest and most delicious feta cheese and olive oil on earth?

Are you a fun-loving person looking for a unique and super special way to visit this magical , mystical and ancient land?

Are you needing a get-away, an opportunity to unplug from work and responsibilities, and a major plugging in to nature and the simple sweet joys of life… with a sweet and small group of like-minded people?

                                                               You are invited!


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14 days Ladies Tour  in Greece

  Ahh Greece! The crystal turquoise blue sea. The sweeping views. The music and warm climate of the Mediterranean!

The people are open, generous, friendly and jolly! The food is fresh, nourishing and mouth-watering!

The history is rich. Deep. Extensive!

  Always when I speak about Greece I get so enthusiastic!

I feel as if I was blessed to be born in heaven on earth and am over-the-moon thrilled to be sharing its beauty with a small group of ladies, co-led by one of my dearest Shakti Sisters, Lisa Beck from USA.

  Lisa has travelled in Greece and the world and she is organising tours for ladies in India, for several years now. Greece is one of her favourite places on earth and, of course, I understand why.
I was there with her from the first time she visited, to show her around and share with her many myths and stories of Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece and "lure" her into exploring the hidden touristic treasures of Greece in a way only a Greek would know how!
So, when she suggested to organise together a tour for a small group of women in Greece, I accepted immediately!!


Know thyself

An intuitive 4 day journey into Greece's stunning spring Nature and the ancient temple of Appolo in Delfi!

Learn how to allow your intuition to guide you back to your essence and improve your health through a deeper connection with your True Self, in the glorious and serine Nature of Greece in Spring!


Hike in beautiful forest, plunge and relax in natural hot springs and immerse into a different journey within your self!



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